Making fine ciders is a slow, careful process. To keep aromatic complexity it can’t be hurried. We use traditional processes in small batches avoiding additives used in industrial cidersUnlike industrial processors our juices and musts are obtained directly from apples and solely by mechanical means. We cold press our apple pulps only once. We do not clarify juices with chemical treatments, fungal or bacterial enzymic treatments. We do not use apple aroma or apple juice concentrates. 

Our ciders are vegan and gluten free. Musts from different apple varieties have different concentrations of sugars, acids, aromatics and tannins. These vary from tree to tree, orchard to orchard and from year to year. Our ciders vary accordingly.

Bottle conditioned, still cider. Slow fermented, unfiltered, unpasteurized, single orchard, single year. Individually labeled. Dry to medium only. 4.5-7.5% ABV.

Bottle conditioned, slightly sparkling cider. Slow fermented, unfiltered, pasteurized, single orchard, single year. Individually labeled. Dry to medium only. 4.5-7.5% ABV.

Cidre Bouché (Naturally Produced Effervescence). Inspired by the traditional ciders of Normandy and Brittany. Bottled in small batches (250-700 bottles),  unpasteurized at 1016 density to give, depending on the year, about 5.5 – 6.5 % alcohol and CO2, to form bubbles when opened. For this ciders must sit upright in a cool (less than 15° C), dark place for 6 months to improve flavours, fineness and persistence of mousse. Cidre Bouché have a faint haze and lees. Dry to medium only. Serve chilled at about 10 °C  as an aperitif, or to accompany seafood, white meats (chicken or pork) or cheeses. These are also excellent with apple based desserts and pancakes

Ice Ciders Inspired by Canadian Ice Ciders and Ice Wines. Incompletely fermented cider is frozen and ice formed discarded (80-90%) to give tiny batches (40-60 bottles, individually labeled) of intense, rich, raisiny, fragrant, syrupy deliciousness, 12-18% ABV. Triple chill, sterile filtered.

Bag in box: Draft ciders, unfiltered, unpasteurized packaged to order. Dry to medium only.